Feb 23, 2008

Me? an award?

Dona from Antekin gave me this great award... isn't it sweet? As some of know from the One World- One Heart contest/swap/blog event, the internet has opened doors to friendships that most of us wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience. We are so very lucky!
I will certainly pass this award on... look for more tomorrow!

Addendum: I'd like to pass this on to:

Tammy at The Other Side of Me

Linda Harre at Studio Stuff

Lynne at Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life

Susan Tuttle at Ilka's Attic

and Vera from Typed Words.

Pass this on to someone you think deserves it- someone who visits your blog often and leaves you comments, or someone's blog you enjoy reading!


The Other Side of Me said...

Awesome! You are the best buddy. So proud of you. You go girl!

Connie said...

Congratulations, Isn't blogging fun?


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Lee,
Wow - what an honor. Thank you so much!


The Other Side of Me said...

Thank you for the award. Just being your BFF is award enough for me.

rog said...

Lee.....Thank you so much! I have to admit that my computer doesn't print all of the pics (bummer) so I can't see what the award it....LOL! Thank you for always being so supportive...I really appreciate all your comments:D I would be glad to pass this on, but I am not sure what it is....hee...hee (really).