May 6, 2008

As We Speak

My youngest child, Adam is eating a fluff sandwhich! Yes, you read it right- FLUFF. How, you wonder, does a 2 y.o. come to know what fluff is? Well, that would be my dear husband's fault.

First, let me back up a step. I don't like fluff- never have. I love peanut butter- but NOT with fluff. That white stuff is just awful- sweet and sticky. But hubby likes the occasional fluffanutter sandwhich, so we have some around. Up until very recently, Adam had never had it, and Jason had only eaten it a few times (he likes it, of course).

This past Sunday I went grocery shopping. When I arrived home, at 11:00, I saw the tell-tale signs of fluff on Jason's face. Hmmm, I thought, he was eating fluff this early? So I carry the first round of bags into the house, and this is what I see:
Adam- covered in the sticky stuff from eyebrows all the way down the front of his new shirt (yes- new). And he was loving every minute of it!

Fast forward to this morning. We ate early, as Jason had to go to pre-K. When we got home, I needed to eat. So, as I'm scooping a healthy dose of cottage cheese and cut up bananas into a bowl, Adam goes into mini-meltdown mode. He really wanted something, but it wasn't what I was eating. Finally, he made it clear that he wanted something in a particular cabinet, and then I knew!! Not only does he want fluff, but he knows exactly where it is kept. WOW- this kid is going to give me a run for my money.

hugs- Lee


Vera said...

Too funny! I think I've only had a fluff sandwich twice in my life. Good luck to you!

The Other Side of Me said...


I agree that Fluff is icky sweet. I have never liked it. That must have been a sticky mess to clean up. He looks like he wants more in the picture. "Like Father Like Sons!"

Connie said...

Uh oh, you have a challenge on your hands. Good luck.