May 24, 2008

Sales and French Paper

I hit the sales bins at Michael's the other day. I scored big! I bought little cement cherubs for .50 cents. Wooden plaques, beautiful stickers, notecards and the like- from .50-1.00.

This plaque:

became this plaque. I covered it with this French inspired scrapbook paper, which I bought for .25 cents per piece (probably got 50-75 % off).

Any ideas as to what else I should put on it? Joy? Enter? Welcome?
I bought 4, so it gives me some room to experiment. This week Michael's is have a sale- 50% off one item each day. I'm going to try to get a shelving unit for my 12x12 paper.


The Other Side of Me said...


What a find and what an idea. This has come out so cute. Make a summer themed one next maybe with on eof your clever mermaids. That would be great! Miss you.


Oh you girls are always killing me with your lucky "find" what fun this is!!! Very nice.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Lee! I have had no time to post comments even though I have been visiting your blog regularly! Yes! You should raise a few chicken! They are a little joy in our life, part of our pet menagerie and picture perfect in the garden! They each lay an egg a day for a few years, then simply retire. The rule here is: We do not eat our chicken!!! Your kids would love to have chicken around! Take care, LuLu