May 12, 2008

Thirfting the day away.

Jason and I headed out this morning for 2 reasons; 1. I need a replacement social security card for Adam, and 2. there is a Good Will down there. I picked up: some Fire King bowls; a little angel basket; an old wooden toy horse; a chopper that turns out to be probably a mish mash of things, (but the jar is French); another cheese board (to be repurposed as a cloche); a birdcage votive holder (can't you just see the possibilities); a satin covered box; and something sort of Lenox-looking, but I have no idea what it is for. It probably had a clock in it at one time. I'm thinking that if I can, I will make it in to a photo frame. The way it is shaped, it can almost be like a shadow box.

I bought the Fire King and the chopper because I hoped I might sell them for a profit on eBay. Well, don't think that's going to happen. There are tons of the little french onion soup bowls around. And the jar appears to be from preserves, married to a chopper top that doesn't even screw on! DARN. Buyer beware- I need to do more homework.

Anyway, so far I've remade the planter in to a pincushion, and spruced up the wooden horse.

Now, the second part of my mission was to get Adam a new social security card. I printed out the form, filled it out, and took his birth certificate with me. Turns out that a birth certificate is not good enough- my 2 y.o. needs a photo ID. Yes, you read it right. Where- I asked not too politely- would a 2 y.o. get a photo ID? Oh, you can bring a print out of his shot record (HUH, how's that better than a birth certificate??) or a medical card. BUT they medical card must have his name on it. Well- big shocker here- ours plan doesn't list names, just the parents. Great. So I travelled about 45 miles round trip, wasted time and gas, and bought some clunkers at the thrift store. It's Monday, all right.


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Lee,
No waste in gas for those finds - now that's a great Goodwill store!

Happy Mother's Day!


The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,
What a run around for that SS card. I think we had an easier time getting Shelby's even though she was a Canadian citizen. Go figure.
All of your finds are great. Love the things you did to the planter and toy. Very sweet.



Awww...that's too bad. Are you serious? An ID? Ok my kid had one when she was a few weeks old, but that was cause the Marines issued her a passport since we had our kiddo in another country, but just where the heck is the non-military kid to get an ID?...OH I would not have taken that too lightly, let alone with the alteratives they gave you!!!! What a bummer..hang in there girl.

MommaRu said...

Hi Lee,
After reading about your "escapades", you gave me a big chuckle. Thanks.
Love, Mrs. "C"