Jun 2, 2008

My peeps- real and imagined.

These pretty little girls are off to the Birds of a Feather party over at the Faerie Zine, a Flickr group I belong to. They are dressed in their crowns, party wings, and best dresses. Amidst all the fun and laughter, there will be dancing, singing, and lots of presents. Best of all, there will be plenty of cake for everyone! Thank you Lisa Kettell, for being the hostess.

Next are my real peeps- my precious boys. It really hasn't been too hot here yet, but that doesn't keep them from wanting to play in the water. So, I filled up these plastic tote things for them. They had a blast! At one point, Jason was kneeling in his, and Adam was perched precariously on the edge of his. It kept them occupied all afternoon! Thank God for the simple pleasures of life.

Hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather we're having!
hugs- Lee

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Oh what fun...I love your "real peeps" that just looks so refreashing. Man is it ever hot and humid here today. I was complaining about winter and now look at me..complaining again!! LOL
Those birdies are too cute!!