Jun 7, 2008

A tisket, a tasket, I found 2 wicker baskets.

OK, not baskets really, but handbags. I found them at the local thrift store. I was digging around, looking for cool stuff to use as collage material, when I stumbled on them- wicker handbags!! They were in a big bins of bags. There were 2 other ones, but I figured that 2 were enough... and for a total of $6, I got 2 cool summer bags, plus a leather bag.

These babies are mint- they probably were never used. I'm thinking that someone died and the house was cleaned out. Maybe this woman had a handbag fetish? They obviously were in a basement, because they have that musty smell. And yet they are clean as a whistle- no rips, dings, smudges or mold. One of the bags I didn't grab had a mass program in it from 1977. From what I can tell, these handbags are from the 1960-70s. The tags inside say HONG KONG. The bags are vinyl wicker, or what I've seen on the internet- covered wicker. I wouldn't go as far as that, because to me that means they are wooden underneath, which these obvoiusly aren't. I was going to try to sell them, but if I can get them to smell better, these are staying with me! Who wouldn't have thought that someday I'd want a wicker bag. My mom would crack up if she knew. But, we all know- what comes around goes around.

Now can someone tell me how to get the mustiness out??????


The Other Side of Me said...


If you tried airing them out, maybe put a dryer sheet in each of them and place them back outside. Not sure.
They are cute for you to enjoy, anyway!

Dona said...

Hey you!! Long time, sorry been really busy with youngest graduating and moving out. Place a open box of baking soda, inside the bags. Close them up, and leave in a out of the way place like the garage for a few days. Works every time.


Natasha Burns said...

Sorry I don't know how to get the mustiness out... perhaps some bicarb soda?

The baskets are so beautiful!!!

Yes definitely try the stiff stuff you saw on my blog, I am happy to report, the doilies have dried and they are hard and it worked!!! I have doily bowls!


Hey girlie..
Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you are feeling better too...it's a bummer to be down for the count.
P.S. send me your snail mail address to my email.


Ooops..I so thought I had already responded to this post...man I need to get better soon!!!
LOL..Ok so I looked on line for ways to get rid of that mustiness..no lucky unless you are willing to invest in one of them home remedy books!!!
They are very cute and like I said ...or thought I had already said...my mom would just crack up at me knowing that I like to go thirfting and finding great joy in the vintage things!!! Nice finds. Let me know if you've aired them out.

Couture de Papier said...

So Cute!
Denise Nantasket Beach,Massachusetts