Jun 22, 2008

We had a PEACHY time!!

We just returned from a week at Tammy's place in Georgia. The long car ride was certainly worth it! Don and Tammy were wonderful hosts, and we spent the week doing various activities. We arrived on Saturday and relaxed over dinner.

Sunday was Father's Day, but Tammy and I snuck aways for about 2 hours to visit the local flea market. It was hot, and not as full as it could be since it was Sunday, but hey, all the better for us! Tammy scored some major finds. I'm sure she'll be showing them off on her blog. It was a typical flea makrt, some junk, some cool stuff, some produce, some clothing. It as fun to see what people sell in a different neck of the woods. What was sad is that some people are making their living this way- selling old stuff, most not very clean or very desirable. Some of the booths and it's contents are open to the elements most of the time, so they stuff is faded, dirty, and has been wet a time or two. And some of it is such major junk- old tapes and stuff. Who buys that trash?

Anyway, I did score some cute things- I even picked up Chris a cool, old lure (I'll add a picture later). First, these awesome oak corner chairs for $15 each!! Supposedly they were used in old rail cars- doesn't matter to me if they were or not, because I love them. The caning is in excellent condition and they are quite sturdy.
Some little things to make altered stuff out of. Can't you just see birds nests sitting on them?

And this way cool card holder thingy. The guy wanted $5, I offered $3. He turned me down, I walked away. He called me back, but as I paid for it, tried to make me feel bad by saying "I can't believe you won't give me $5. I paid $10 for it years ago." My reply? "It isn't worth $5 to me." No rookie here, my friend!! It will look great in my crafting area, holding stuff- maybe ink pads? I think I might paint it, though.

Our week went much too fast. We had a blast! Being with Tammy always makes me miss her more. There is alot mor to show and tell you, so more of Georgia in the next post...
hugs- Lee

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Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I really want to go to Georgia one day, Ive met the nicest people from there and it looks beautiful!
you found some treasures,