Jul 13, 2008

It's a Maine Thing

We recently took a too-short trip to Maine for my mother-in-law Nancy's retirement party. She knew we were coming, but her son and daughter flew in on the sly, as well as Rich and Eric surprising her too! We pulled it off, and it was great! The family- Chris, Rich, Eric, Jesse and Josie- hadn't been all together in one place in a number of years. It was fun!

We had a lobster boil in true New England fashion. We sat down to a cooler of steaming lobsters, some clams, corn, salad, and lots and lots of butter! I ate 3 by myself- what indulgence! We sat around, talked, and really enjoyed spending time together as a family.

I was pregnant with Adam the last time we were there, so it's been over 2 years. I forgot, if that's the right word, how wonderful Maine is. The pond is so beautiful, and it just lends itself to relaxing. I didn't want to leave. I'm hoping we can take another trip up, closer to the fall.

Josi- my sister-in-law- is having ANOTHER round of interviews with Project Runway tomorrow. Please send a prayer out to her! She is uber talented, and SO deserves to be on the show. She and her man Nick spent the holiday weekend filming background info. and interviews for a video that Josi sent to PR last week. They loved her so much they called her the next day. How's that for talent? A shout out to Nick for doing such an amazing job!

The visit was way too short. We send our love out to our family, who we miss so much.

Hugs- Lee


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Glad you had a great time in Maine. Sounds like the lobster party was awesome.

anne said...

i love Project Runway! good luck to your sil. i hope she makes it.
glad you had fun in maine. you have been one busy woman this summer!


Oh my hubs would have died to be there. I'm not into seafood ...he loves it!!!

It's so great you had a wonderful time with your family. I loved the pictures.

As for Josie...oh how exciting is that!! the kiddo and I LOVE the show and we are super excited that it starts tomorrow...oh my goodness...I hope she makes it!!!

Woow....I'll keep me eyes peeled for her tomorrow!!
Have a good week girl

Qtpies7 said...

My mom lived in Maine until earlier this year when she moved in with us. She lived near Canaan. I never got to go visit her there. But she loved the seafood and often brought some when she came to visit. Her then-husband was a commercial fisherman.