Jul 19, 2008

Some Cool Finds!

It's hot as heck here- too hot to go yard saling or flea marketing. So, I'm going to post some cool things I found in our local flea market.

The metal box actually has a bit of blue to it- gotta love that. It will be perfect for- anything! The round metal things and the can openers are just another example of my metal fetish!

The little wicker chicken basket is for my kitchen. I see a lot of wicker ducks, but not many chickens. It's pretty small, and reminds me of an old egg basket. The yellows tags can be for anything- perfect for gluing. The metal hanger and its doily will probably be disassembled. The hangers cost a few dollars each, so this is a bargain.

Next is 50 wonderful feet of vintage cloth measuring tape. LOVE it! The old metal shell has a wonderful patina. And lastly, the copper rooster trivet- another additional to the kitchen. All of this cost me a whopping $3!!

I have tons more stuff, but I'll save that for another post! Thanks for looking!

hugs- Lee


The Other Side of Me said...


I am so loving that metal box. It would look great with some vintage lace and millinery roses on top with a tea stained tag or something. You know me, I am just always trying to pretty up things. LOL

Vera said...

OOh I love the measuring tape!


Oh that box is a must. I love boxes..don't know why. I just do!!!

Great finds...you have a serious eye just like your pal!!!

Very nice

Tam said...

LOVE LOVE finds like this!

Qtpies7 said...

I'm a blogswap partner checking out your blog!
You got some great finds! I love yard saling, but I haven't gotten to the repurposing thing yet. My mom loves going to auctions and getting $1 boxes and seeing what she gets! She loves cigar boxes, and has lots of plans for them, though I have never actually seen her do something with them in all these years, lol.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

You found some very cool finds!

Love the little chicken basket and that vintage tape measure!