Sep 5, 2008

It's Official!!

I'm going to be published in a Stampington publication!!

Tentatively entitled Somerset In Love, it will be book (or magazine, not sure which) made up of all of the books from a cupid-themed round robin hosted by Marilyn Healey last year. Yippee!

The round robin that I was involved with included Marilyn, Heather Bluhm, Laura Bray, Lilia Meredith, Kristen Robinson, and myself. Each of use made a blank book, which was mailed out to everyone in the swap. When my book came back, I had pages made by each of these wonderful ladies! How luck am I?

Then, the icing on the cake came in the form of an email from Marilyn, stating that Stampington was interested in the project, and would we be interested in submitting? AS IF- of course!!!

I have to admit that I was floored when Marilyn asked me to participate. I love her work, and was thrilled that she would consider me talented enough to participate. Then when I found out who else was involved, I was even more excited. And scared. I was very concerned my pages wouldn't be good enough. I loved each set that I did, and was stretched artistically for each one. Some of the books were quite large, and I had trouble doing spaces that big. Looking back, there are things I would change in each book, but at the time, it was where I was artistically.

In the end, 2 layouts (a total of four pages) were chosen from the ones I did. Not too bad for a rookie. I can only hope Marilyn and the group involved will consider me for another project.

So, I'll keep you posted. I do know the book will be available January 1, 2009.

hugs- Lee


Vera said...


The Other Side of Me said...


This is such BIG news and so wonderful! Your pages were awesome and they are going to look fantastic in this special publication. I can't wait to see it all! Congrats, girl!

PS. Rookie, my Ass!

jen said...

Wow, you should be so proud! That is huge! Congrats!


WOOT WOOT!!!! freaking cool this is? So so be your this is awesome news!!
I'd love to see the end results.

This is like warm fuzzie..

Tam said...

O how exciting! CONGRATS a thousand times OVER!