Sep 12, 2008

Some Roses For You

Fall is coming, bringing with it lots of warm, golden colors- leaves, pumpkins, and lots of mums for your pots. But, eventually all the flowers are gone, and things can get kinda blah.

Well, I have some great roses that will keep you happy all winter long.

These four beauties will be added to our Etsy shop tonight. They are amazingly versatile- they can be pinned to jacket, sweaters, scarves and handbags. Even more fun, add them to your gift packages as the bow! Or attached a little TO and FROM tag to make your special gift unforgettable.



CINNIBONBON said... cute is this? Ok I have no ides how y ou gals are doing this over cyber space. but I'm loving things at your shop. Way too cool!! Sper nice.

The Other Side of Me said...


These came out awesome. The possibilities are endless. I am very excited to see more of these and to of course have one for myself!! LOL

Great job.

Tam said...

They are really CUTE! I am so not crafty! I manage to scrapbook but that is where my crafting ends. LOL LOL

Tam said...

HI I left you a little bloggy award and I hope it makes YOU smile!