Sep 24, 2009


I had my mammogram yesterday. It's negative. I am lucky. Very lucky. Two years ago, when I had my first mammogram, I was convinced I'd have breast cancer. I was terrified. My friend S. had had a double mastectomy the year before- at 38. After three months of three different doctors telling her the small lump she felt was nothing. Nothing. It wasn't nothing. It was cancer.

My brave friend J. just had a mastectomy this summer. It take courage to face these things- chemo, radiation, surgery, and an uncertain future. Courage.

I take care of cancer patients every day. They come to have ports inserted or removed. They come to have drains removed, nephrostomy tubes replaced. Every time I have a woman who's port is being removed, I congratulate her. It is a small victory. It is hard to hide the tears. I do not show them. It is not my place. But I am moved.

Would I have the courage to face these things? Would I have the grace to accept the fate God had chosen for me? I don't now. I hope so. Please go pass on some love and condolences here. Show your support. This family needs your prayers.

Go get your mammogram, your colonoscopy, and your pap smear done. Don't waste a single moment of your precious life.

hugs- Lee


Tracey said...

Well God bless you Lee for working with all of the cancer patients, it can't be an easy job! My FIL passed away a few weeks ago from colon cancer and I was so touched to see that some of the nurses from the cancer center came to his wake to tell us how much they enjoyed knowing him...

:) T

Blasé said...

'Self-Exams' can't be stressed enough, either.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Great reminder. Lucky, indeed for you this day.

Jeanneoli said...

What a hard job you have. It is obvious how much you care for your patients. So thankful your exam went well.

Renee said...

Lee thank you for your love not only in this post and your words but in your deeds and in the tears you don't want to show.

Love Renee xoxo

Karen said...

You are a stong, good woman! Thanks for the push for that colonoscopy that I am putting off. Big hugs, Karen