Sep 16, 2009

Nothing Much

To say... it's been a busy week. The roads have been tied up around here while these gigantic steam generators wheel through on their way to Three Mile Island (remember the reactor meltdown??) As you can see, lots of people turned out to watch the 800 ton thing go by- even the Amish. Everyone kept saying "we'll never see this again." My reply: "Who would want to?" Hey, I can catch this on Modern Marvels.

I bought a pair of these, as it rained about 2 inches in 2 days this past weekend. I have asked for them three Christmases running, to no avail. Finally, after feeling I like I was going to turn into a duck, I caved an ordered them online. Guess I really will be a Maniac soon.

Jason's first adult tooth popped through. Now we just have to get the baby tooth wiggly and out.

We have someone coming to look at the house tomorrow for the second time. The couple is very interested and has sold their house already. Could be bid coming... Maine is becoming more a of a reality. Now, if I can just get picky husband to find a house he likes...

What have you been up to?? Oh, and if you want to read a really funny blog, go see Blase.


Lori said...

Lee, i have my fingers crossed that your house will sell!!! good luck:)

Blasé said...

I just came over to see if there was an award of some sort for me!

..nope :(

Blasé said...

..well shit! I missed it the first time. Don't be offended, the wife is always having to find me something because I seem to have difficulty with that (overlooking things).

How Sweet! I could just squeeze the goodie outcha!

Angela said...

Hey Girlie, I need your address! email me at I drew the winner of my giveaway and just had to do a second place winner which turned out to be you! I'll be praying for the house situation.
love ya,

vera said...

Good luck with the house selling. I am hoping ours will be soon!


Nothing much? that sounds like a lot to me! Good luck with the sale. I hope they do it that way you can head up to Maine.

Is that a house you are interested in? I would take it! I love old houses like that although I've never lived in one, I might change my mind if I did...especially being alone in it all night--hahah!!