Nov 2, 2009

"Boo"ter Late Than Never

Ok, so this post is a little late. Halloween has come and gone. We bought pumpkins, but never carved them. I packed the boys cool candy baskets last spring- they now reside in a storage locker in Maine. BUT- we did get dressed up and have fun!

Adam was Batman. He's been wearing the costume non-stop. I just wore some funky eyelashes.

When did I get so old??? And my hair- uh.

We headed down to Maryland to Irish Tulip for a costume class and pizza party. We did this last year too, but this year, Jason wanted to ride. I don't have any good photos, but I made brown suede-like wraps for Chippy's legs, and she had medals in her mane. I wanted to make her "MP" tags (as in Military Pony!), but didn't get to it.

Christine rode, as all the kids did.

Isabel won a prize for cutest rider.

Hope you all had a fun weekend. I'm off to pack- only 3 weeks to go!

hugs- Lee


Tam said...

Great Pictures!

Tracey said...

Aww everyone looks so cute (and you look fab too, don't be so hard on yourself)!!!

WOW, so you guys are moving right around Thanksgiving?! I guess you have a new house to be thankful for this year :)

:) T

Blasé said...

yes, "Adam" West played Batman when I was a kid. So Cute! I was all about Batman in the 60s.

Cool Lashes!

Gigi said...

I remember when Man-Child was Batman for Halloween. I've got a picture of him flexing his "muscles" in his costume. ::sigh:: It goes so fast. Adorable kids and beautiful picture of you! Good luck with the move, I can sympathize....still haven't found everything from the last one - a year ago!

ramsam said...

Ah...a true soul sister. Always looking for a reason to glue on a pare of fake lashes. I LOVE those!

Julie said...

Riding horse on Halloween how cool is that??? What a special Halloween memory! I think the eyelashes are totally you - what a hoot!

Thanks for sharing, Lee. xo Julie