Nov 16, 2009

Marketing Mindset

I am proud to annonce that I am participating in KC Willis' online workshop Marketing Mindset. I am getting ready to amp it up as far as Twigs & Feathers goes, so this is the perfect thing for me- lots of information, live chats, and friends.

This workshop is currently offered for $144, but not for long! Once it starts in December, is goes up to $244. Your membership will get unlimited access to the videos, discussion boards where KC will answer your questions (along with other artists at the workshop) and scheduled live chats.

Topics will include:
• Creating a cohesive, signature look
• Working in series
• Consignment vs. wholesale
• Pricing your work
• The differences between approaching a gallery, a shop, an on-line retailer or a catalog
• Using Social Networks
• PR-how to get written about in newspapers and magazines
• Marketing your work without leaving home
• The Pros and Cons of having an Artist's Rep.
• Researching your market
• Licensing your work and your name.
• Blogs vs. Websites
• Selling on-line
• Keeping motivated
• Becoming fearless

If you head on over to Lipstick Ranch and leave a comment, you will be eligible to win a fabulous piece of art. OK- I'd really rather win it myself, but this workshop is going to be so amazing, I won't be upset if you win it!

hugs- Lee



This sounds so like too much fun! I'm excited for you. I sent you a text last week, I know you are extemely busy, but I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I hope your move and packing are going well and that now all the household is feel way better!!

Julie said...

Be fierce - I love your new mindset - very inspirational for me - I have a tendency to dabble after my year of preoccupation with my health - now that I am feeling better - I need to take your lead and begin the process of being fierce.... I have to fund my art I have enrolled in a PMC class this Thursday and can't wait to learn something new...thanks for the inspiration. xo Julie

Tracey said...

Hi Lee! That workshop sounds awesome! Sheesh you're going to be busy!! How's the packing going? It's crunch time, ha??! Hope you're stopping for the occassional break!

:) T

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I need something like this, but I'm not an artist, per se. It looks fabulous, though.
Thanks so much for the visit earlier, always appreciated!

Rainy said...

Lee, came to you via Prairie Thistle! Good luck with the move to Maine. This is one of my dream vacation spots so I'm so jealous! Can't wait to find my way around your blog.

nancarts said...

Hi Lee, came here from Prairie Thistle..just wanted to wish you the best on the move! It is stressful to say the least...My husband was a military man, so we made quite a few moves. Also, my grandparents were down easters..Maine. Beautiful state. I hope you will enjoy the change!
Good Luck.
Smiles and God's Blessings,
Nancy C