Nov 22, 2009

Some New Friends to Visit

Thanks to all of you who stopped by my blog, via Julie, to show support! Getting ready for the move has been stressful enough, and now with closing pushed off, even more so. But I've enjoyed the past few days, blog hopping and reading about all of you:

The Quintessential Magpie, Shelia, lots of pink goodies, great photos and blog links, Blue Mondays, Pink Saturdays...
My Game, Your Move, Blase, unbelievably, funny, frank, very tongue-in-cheek musing from a man. He makes me laugh every single post.
Sadies Silken Threads, Karen, a very talented quilter/fabric artist.
What I Do When I play, Shawna, a paper/stamp artist.
My Grama's Soul, Josette, another vintage goody lover.
She Dreams Big, Connie- a sweet blog filled with goodies and giveaways.
My Faerie Window, Lori- a felting, paper clay artist who makes really sweet things, esp. the bunnies.
Robin's Eggs Blue, Linda K., wonderfully blue goodies.
The Feathered Nest, Dawn, the queen of cream (color, that is!) Dawn is an amazing artist and friend.
Welcome to the Life of Loulou, Hmmmmm, I'm a Christian, a wife to a super delicious hubby, mama to four wild, crazy, and amazing kids, a sewer, a crafter, a snot wiper, a clothes washer.... can you see how funny she is?
Chic Roses, Sally, this lady paints roses on furniture,windows,or anything that is old and needs to be repurposed.
Sweet Old Vintage, Marietta, a retired floral designer with lots of gorgeous old photos on her blog.
WendyKV- come back anytime!! Girl, where's your blog?
Cotton Pickin Cute, Tracey Suzanne , great crafts, and this gal knows where all the giveaways are.
Bellamere Cottage, Spencer, great slipcover tutorial.
Megan Chamberlain, she moved to England from South Africa, and makes bears!
Posted From Home, Deb- a wonderful post on embellishing a lamp shade.
SuZeQ- come back and visit, and ditto- where's your blog?
Sweet Bead Studio, Cindy Wimmer- wonderful beads and jewelry! and cute family too.
Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life, Lynne- a wonderfully written blog about family and every day things. Lynne will make you laugh.
Mary's Meanderings, Mary- wonderful blog full on vintagey things, and she and her family re-do thier house. They moved from NM to CO.
Just Me and Then Some, Rainy- go check out her art. She's doing an online workshop right now, and showing us everything!
Nancarts, Nancy C,- making some really gorgeous Christmas decorations- go look!

Many, many thanks to every one who came to visit and leave some love. The blogging world has opened the doors to so many people's lives, passions, art, comedy, and stories. I am grateful for that!

Hugs- Lee

addendum: a few more bloggers came by:
Sharon from Livewire Jewelry- gorgeous things, earrings, mixed media art!
Brenda from Brenda Bliss- bead and mixed media artist.
Pippi Rose from Pippi's Ponderings.
Riki from Riki Jewelry- really lovely bead work, and a great post on a vintage store to die for! Angela from Miss Molly Cottage- this crazy gal makes some creat paper art and wreaths, go see her and her etsy shop.
Lavender Dreams- a great blog with fun lists and great photos.

thanks gals!


Lori said...

thanks for all the links Lee...i will go and see what all of those girls are up to...thanks also for the mention:) that was sweet!!!

Lori said...

my bad, there is a guy too...thanks again for the links Lee

sharon said...

Came over from Prairie Thistle and your work looks beautiful! Moving can be soooo stressful....but I see you are going to Maine, a place I consider to be one of the most beautiful in the world! My brother lived there for years, and it was magnificent! Best of luck to you!

Brenda said...

Hi Lee--

Just a little more lovin' for you from Nashville, Tn.....Love your style and can't wait to peruse your site!

pippirose said...

I came over from Prairie Thistle, too.
Good luck with the move.
Love your blog.

Deb said...

Hi Lee
Lovely post ~ Thank you for the mention ♥ I will go and visit some of the links you've mentioned this morning :-)

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lee, I'm another well wisher from the blogging world via Julie! Change is always hard, but you'll figure it out. Here's a big "you go girl" from a gal in Central Coast California, sending good thoughts. Have a great week. Your blog is beautiful, good luck with the move.

Angela said...

Hey girl, I have been so sick and working on this booth that I haven't had a chance to visit but I see you have a mess going on. I just wanted to tell you that I have you in my prayers and will be praying that God puts you right where he wants you! I love you girl and if you need anything DO NOT hesitate in asking.
love you,

Pattyjo said...

I will send up a prayer for you in your moving, that all will go well and better than you think. It is a stressful time. Hang in there!

she dreams big! said...

Never saw my name in someone else's blog before. So exciting! Thanks for the shout out and thanks for visiting me! Come and comment - alot!