Jan 15, 2010

The Bone Yard

Turns out the afore-mentioned squirrel had a sibling, which died in the wall in the kitchen. When Chris began taking down the cabinets, he ended up having to pull the soffit down. Then, because the ovens were jammed into the corner of the kitchen, we decided to tak the weird corner out- which was just the back side of a closet. A closet we never used because it had a really BAD smell. We thought the smell was mouse urine, and had planned to rip everything out the there anyway.
So, as soon as Chris knocked a hole into the bottom of the drywall, dead animal smell poured out. It was awful. Obviously, the poor critter I'd heard in the wall the week or two before had died. We put our respirators on and opened the whole corner.
The bottom was about 4 inches deep in bones, some tiny and old, some still in a decaying body. Ick. I was sad for all of the animals that had suffered in that wall. They came in the hole in the ceiling, and once in the smooth drywall, couldn't get out.

We opened it up into the closet, and removed all drywall and studs. The smell had permeated everything.

Now it's re-done, but missing the stupid corner. Chris had drywalled everything in, and we sanded and primed the cabinets yesterday. Don't you want to know waht colors I picked??

More to come, and hopefully not bones!!

hugs, Lee


The Other Side of Me said...


YUCK, but it looks fantastic all redone. It really made a difference opening that area up. I love your house stories. Keep them coming!

Lori said...

Lee, you should sell the bones on etsy for assemblage supplies...i know...totally gross...but some people are really into that...i can't wait to see that kitchen when you are all finished!!!

Tam said...

ICK, YUCK and WOW! I love you posts though!!!!


Ohhh too weird and gross.
I have to say though, that your kitchen is coming along nicely. I'm glad your hubs is a skillful man!!!

ramsam said...

Talk about the Lovely Bones!!! Yikes!

I hate that smell of something dead.... I found a mouse once and the smell traumatized me far more than the little dead body!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

When I saw your title I was almost afraid to read it. And then...ick...how distressing and, well, smelly. Aren't you glad that problem is dealt with? And the color is...?

natalea said...

Been there- done that! We had our adventured with mouse bones in the walls when we bought our house! Fun stuff! hang in there!
xo natalea