Jan 25, 2010

Some Sorta Window Treatment... er... Covering?

Decorating is hard for me. I love to look at magazines, and generally know what I like. But in the past, once I have landed somewhere and down some initial decorating- that's usually it. The other thing is- no matter how drawn I am to shabby, mussy, foofy stuff, I just can't do it. CANNOT. I love it, but can't pick it out. My style tends to be very streamlined and tailored. (Do you hear that Mom? Tailored. Those of you who know my Mom, know that she is very tailored. I got it from her.)

So, I have been scouting the internet for images that I like. Window treatments are hard, and our windows are so darned big (= $$$). I don't want to have anything made yet, because we hope to do the kitchen over in the next 6 months. I love this kitchen:

I love these curtains, but would need four panels for my big window ( a whopping 102 inches cross).

find this at French Larkspur

The window over the sink... I kept going for valances, but it just wasn't working. I decided that a swag of white burlap would look great. The J. fabric store in Pa. has all the colors of burlap in stock. Maine does not. So, I went with broadcloth- just like sheets. I draped it, stapled it, and viola- curtains. And the rolled up crocheted doilies for some added interest (for now anyway, I have lots of other ideas).

Now, I know, I know, simple- very simple. But you have to understand, this is BIG for me. Drapey, wrinkly fabric? Me? Well, it works for now. And the softness eases all the hard lines of the cabinets.

Next, our new chandelier over the kitchen table. Actually it's a pot rack. Not what I really wanted, but hubby kept going back to it. So I compromised. I think I'll hang some funky ephemera from it, like Kristen Robinson's wedding shade (I'll have to go find a picture of it). I don't know. But it's SURE better than what we started with.
the old one
Notice the walnut stained beams are now white. Much better.

Anyone want a brass, tennis-racket-cover looking light fixture? It's out in the barn!

Hugs- Lee


Dorthe said...

Love your curtains, they are kind of elegant in a shabby way,-and I think you did a lot to your kitchen,that now looks so great.
What a big work, dear.

xo Dorthe

the kept GRITS said...

I LOVE what you've done.
Have you thought of using unbleached muslin for curtains? It's fairly cheap and has a ton of uses for after you no longer use it for curtains.

Lori said...

your curtain looks great Lee...i love the look of that first kitchen too...

Julie said...

You always make me laugh - that's what barns are for, right?

I too, struggle with curtains, that's why I still don't have any... maybe someday. The white burlap sounded wonderful, but the broadcloth is nice too. Crochet rosettes - now that is creative my friend. Glad things are coming together. xo Julie

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Karen- I did think of the muslin, but the white paint is bright, so I wanted a bright white fabric.

Lori- you liked the brown?

Julie- no other windows have curtains yet **cackling**!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Buddy,

Nice job. You crack me up when you describe yourself!
I think it's a good idea not to spend too much on window treatments when you may be gutting the kitchen in 6 months. I would add a fun garland made of either paper or fabric to add some whismy and color to your window. That would let you be a little creative.

Love you,

Tam said...

Window Treatments..are not my forte as I have never bothered to put any up yet. I have lived here for 3 years now...HMMM I am missing a window treatment GENE! I love your curtains!

I also LOVE LOVE LUNATIC FRINGE! One of my all time favorite songs ever! RED Rider was the group!