Jan 9, 2010

It's Started

We started digging into the kitchen yesterday. We planned to remove cabinets to the right of the refrigerator, so that we could flip it back against the wall.

Turns out everything was attached- nothing came apart easily... of course.

The cabinets above the refrigerator and along the wall must have been custom built- they are ALL one BIG piece.

So they came out. Lots of nastiness above the cabinets- but it is a farm house, right? Check out the hole in the upper left corner of the ceiling above the spot where the refrigerator was- it was chewed through. I'm thinking probably a chipmunk or squirrel- we even found the remains of a acorn on top of the shelves. **turns out it was a small squirrel, which got caught in the trap**

Next- cut the bottom cabinets, move the refrigerator out of the wall, and dig into the corner near the ovens. We also bought some lovely track lights for the ceiling. There just isn't enough light in there- the walls tend to stay dark. I atually like the lights, but they may not be permanent.

If you have any suggestion for lighting, send me a link.
hugs- Lee


Tam said...

OOO Yes and thanks for taking us along!

ramsam said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of work!!!

My sister recently remodeled her kitchen, and they added the recessed canister lighting s in the kitchen, (took out a huge florescent light), they have a nice hanging lamp over the sink, and over the counter/bar are 3 beautiful hanging tulip-style lights, turns out is nice and bright, or can be softer, depending on what they use. It made a real difference!


Ohhh my!!!

Woot woot...this is going to be an amazing job!! Can not wait to see it.

Julie said...

Whoa....this brings back vivid memories of our farm when we first began the rennovations, what a mess, but the end results are amazing...

I can't imagine you behind a snow blower...you go, Lee! This is something I haven't done yet...but, with the Winter we are having it could happen yet.

How fun to make this house your own - a complete home make over... xo Julie P.S. - The book is on the way...

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

You go girl! Good on you for getting the man started. It is always a challenge to remodel, but you will so love it when it is finished. Looking forward to seeing all the changes.


BNM said...

tagged you for a picture meme over at mine but please no dead things!