Mar 8, 2010

A Little Bit of This....

Just a quickie update:

We've been busy here. Adam turned 4, and morphed into Spiderman.
sheer joy! He has worn this costume non-stop!
climbing the walls, with the dog looking on.
We cleaned out and area at the back of the barn. Yesterday was just perfect weather, over 50 degrees, a little air moving, and sunny! The boys helped all day, and passed out right after their bath. Even Dushess, our dog, was exhausted and retired to her crate.

Who could ask for anything more? Not me. I am grateful for this wonderful life of mine. What are you grateful for?

hugs- Lee


Dorthe said...

Hi Lee,
so wonderfull photoes of you and your family,--so sweet looking boyes,-I`m happy for you, that everything seems to be ok now, after your move.
xo Dorthe

Lori said...

Lee, i love the pictures of your sweet boys...your little guy in his costume reminds me of when my oldest was young...he was a spiderman and batman freak...LOL...thanks for reminding me of sound more optimistic now about your home and the move, i hope that is true!!!

Tam said...

Great pics! It looks like you guys are getting use to things!