Mar 22, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Think about how the internet has changed our lives. We chat with people around the world, we look of facts in an instant (man, this would've have been a great help with term papers), we see rooms in houses that we love, we see art that we admire. Here are just a few things I love:

Lynn Perrella's journal pages are so inspiring! She has images and colors that just saturate the senses. She makes me want to break out the paints!
this came out so small, go see her site for the full effect!

Natalea Kandefer, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year, does the most amazing journals. She has recently been showcased in Artful Blogging, and you can see why! Hop on over to her blog and her etsy shop Kandeland. You'll love it.

Lori, over at My Faerie Window, has the most amazingingly sweet felted bunnies for sale right now! She has as style all of her own- sweet and vintagey and girly- one I just can't seem to master- LOL. She makes other great felted items too, check out her shop.

Enjoy- Lee


Dorthe said...

Thanks Lee, for wonderfull adresses, and photoes.They are sure worth knowing.
xo Dorthe

ramsam said...

Lovely links! I the internets love of artsy girls finding each other!

kandeland said...

OH! thank you so much Lee! I was so surprised when I saw my pages here! you're too sweet!
xo natalea

Lori said...

Lee, you are such a doll!!!thank you for showing my bunny, what a nice surprise:) i wish i could sew like you, your fabric collages are gorgeous...i am so not good at doing the kind of work on those journal pages either, i have tried and i guess it's just not "me" or something...