Apr 8, 2010


Picking paint colors is always interesting. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss! Lately, all of the blogs, magazines, and websites I have been attracted to show white, white and more white! I also love pops of pale aqua too- you know, like sea glass, or Bell jars. Like this cool kitchen shelf:

Anyway, the room my husband and I are using for our bedroom right now has orange carpet, orangey-oak beadboard wainscotting, and had HORRIBLE wallpaper- tan and cream and orangey flowers. UGH.

When we pulled the wallpaper down, we found old plaster underneath it, with patches of white spackle. It kinda cool- kind of- in a Tuscan sort of way. Almost.

So, rather than buy paint, I chose a full gallon of something called "spring thaw." It looked kind of tan, so I thought it would be a good neutral. (Oh- and I say something because although we brought it with us from our former house, we didn't buy it. It had been there from the last owners- but obviously never used.) So I put it up and it made a huge difference!! The only "thing" is, it's kind of green, which is actually OK for now. At least the wallpaper is gone (but if you want some, I found a closet literally half full with old wallpaper- but not cool old wallpaper, just old vinyl '80s stuff).

Now, although we don't plan on doing anything else with the room for quite awhile, we are on the hunt for a rug remnant, 'cause orange ain't my thang. Thank God it isn't shag.
I found this photo at Papillon Linens, and LOVE it. This is my next bedroom!! Seriously.

hugs- Lee


Lori said...

oh, my...yes, that orange is a bit much...i like the new wall color...the green must just come through in person, because it doesn't look a bit green to me on my puter screen...LOVE that dream bedroom of yours...tdf!!!

vicki said...

Your rennovations are going to be wonderful! You have so much talents and creative spirit - cant wait to see how this all works out! Thanks for visiting me - did you know that I am a nurse also? Love your nurse collage!
Good luck with all your projects! Your blog is a very welcome and lovely place to visit~~


Looking good!! How about that orange carpet? wheewww man. Yes yes it's a must go. It looks like things are moving right along girl. You know I think you all are pretty speedy people it's taken me months to paint a small desk!! happy weekend

Tam said...

I am horrible with paint colors. I try and try and it always turns out to be a mistake.

The Orange...eeek! It is going to be great and the color made a huge difference!

Sea Glass hunting for our jar was what we did on spring break.

Lori said...

hi Lee:) i live in ne ohio...i think you were on the other side of pa though...we weren't close neighbors...

Julie Pishny said...

Lee, I had to giggle when I saw the photo and your orange carpet at your farm. We have sculptured blue carpet at our farm...and we still have blue wallpaper, too. It's a Winter project for us...one room at a time... I hope you are enjoying warmer weather in Maine...xo Julie

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, the orange. My auntie loved orange--everything was orange. She even had orange plate chargers.

I hope you do make your bedroom into that dream one. It's beautiful.

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