Jun 11, 2010

And Another Thing

To go hand in hand with the last post, my husband's cousin Deb is also photographer. She and her family joined us over Memorial Day Weekend, when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and kids were here. My SIL Lynn had Deb do a family photo session- which we need to do too!!

Lynn and the kids have been an intergral part of my married life. They lived about 2 miles from me in Pa. Lynn provided daycare for Jason when he was an infant, and later for Adam too. She helped me learn how to be a parent. Our children have grown up together. She and her family have hit a few rough spots these past few years. Recently her house sold, and she is off to a new life in Texas, where her mother and brothers live. It's kind of weird, to have moved so far away... leaving one family behind, moving closer to another family. My friendship with Lynn hasn't changed. I miss her every day, but I am glad for this new chapter in her life. And now I have amazing photos to remember their visit to our place here in New Gloucester!

Deb is like Lynn in a way. She has become a great friend, as well as being family too. Deb has been an amazing source of comfort these past few months here in Maine. It was a rough start, and she came over quite often to give me moral support. We've laughed a lot, call each other, and she even took a dog for me (who arrived on my Pa. doorstep about 4 weeks before we move). Certain people in your life are just priceless. I am very lucky to have these kids as my neice and nephews, and for these two amazing women.

Head over to Whitaker Imagery and you'll see my wonderful family, and some various shots from the landscape around our place. If you are in Maine, Whitaker Imagery is available!

Hugs- Lee


Bossy Betty said...

These are great portraits!

Gigi said...

Beautiful pictures! Absolutely stunning. And how fabulous that you have these two wonderful women in your life. Friends are our backbone.

whitaker imagery said...

How sweet! Thanks so much, Lee! And you, of course, pretty much rock yourself:) {{HUGS}}

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Lee! You have such a beautiful family and these photos are so beautiful and natural. Much better than those school shots that we got back in the 60's. Ha.

Thank you so much for stopping by and lifting my spirits. Guess it was obvious I'm not feeling up to par and trying to wait it out. You're right the sugar and coca-cola are like adding fuel to the fire and watching myself going down in flames.

Sorry I didn't stop in an tell you how much I appreciate you sooner but I really, truly do!! Thanks for caring.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs...Tracy :)