Jun 26, 2010

Some Renovations

Ok, so this big house has 6 bedrooms- technically. We are using another area as a bedroom- that makes 7, as well as the huge open area in the back of the house that could be bedroom number 8. Ah, so much room, and so much renovation to do!!





(I forgot to take a picture of the 6th bedroom- I'll do it later )

This past Thursday my hubby's cousin Deb, previously mentioned here, came down with her gang. It rained and we couldn't weed the gardens, so we turned to inside projects. Sadly, two of the bedrooms upstairs smell like cat. I know my cat has.... er.... contributed, but it is unclear to me if the scents were already down (there were cats here previously). I've tried the enzyme stuff, which helps on fresh urine, but it just still stank. So, I mention to Deb that I want to cut the corners out of the carpet for now. Her reply? Let's just rip it out. A quick call to hubby to double check, he always let's me do these types of projects, and we got started!
Let me preface this by saying one of the reasons I was afraid of pulling out the carpet was I was uncertain what was under it. Many years ago, there was a terrible chimney fire here. The guys I've met at the station said they thought they would lose the house. For a time, it was uncertain where the fire was in the walls. Eventually, according to one of the firemen who was here, they took out a three foot section around the chimney- on all three floors! That explains some of the floor patching I've found in our bedroom.

Captain Adam.

Isabelle weilding a screw driver.
Anyway, we rip in, to find a fun, greenish-blue painted floor. Random width. It's unclear if it's worth stripping, as it is full of tack and nail marks, but the color is cool. I have my sister's color wheel, and I'm going to see if I can get a close match.

The walls are a horrible blue, that you see everywhere here in New England. What's worse, is it it painted over wallpaper. It's very thick, and doesn't peel off as easy as the other paper has in the house. It is over old plaster. It's going to take some work. But- it smells clean!! Thanks to Deb and her family for the help!


Gigi said...

Without a doubt, you have your work cut out for you....but the end result? Totally worth it! Can't wait to see it.

Karen said...

Looks like lots of work and lots of fun!! I personally am a big fan of getting carpet up and finding wood floor of any kind, that way I know it is clean!! Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Julie Pishny said...

Hi Lee, I adore those floors!!!Xinfinity! Oh, how I wish I had found those floors under my yucky carpet at the farm. A friend of mine painted her wooden floors in a lovely shade of sherbert green and then stenciled paisley around the perimeter of the room for her studio. I love them so much that I plan to do the same thing at the farm for my future studio. Just a thought...

It seems like you are making good progress. I picked up another book for you the other day, I need to locate your address and I'll send it to you.

This time last year the farmhouse was TORN UP! I was on my last thread of hope...and a year later the main floor is finished. Hopefully, ny next year the upstairs will be underway.

Your Maine home - have you named it yet? You really have to choose a name for your property...it will take on a life of its own - you know?

Hugs - Julie

Hugs - Julie

Lori said...

Lee, i am loving your cape wearing helper...hee hee...what a cutie!!!


That's a lot of space girl!! If I came help you paint and clean up can one of those rooms be a retreat for me? hehehe

Sounds exciting to get all that done.
Miss you


ramsam said...

Very jealous of all the space you have, not jealous of the work! I get inspired seeing you just rip into the carpet, though! You go , girl! Lots of room for an artistic weekends retreat!!!!

Cassie Shella said...

I love the floor color! We had the same type of problem with the walls (paint over wall paper) with our very first house. My husband put a coat of Kilz sealer/primer (usually used in basements to seal floors and walls) over all of it, then regular primer, then a fresh coat of paint. Could not tell there were layers of stuff underneath it when he was finished. Alot of painting, but less work then removing plaster and old wall paper. Also have you tried "Simple Solution" for what I like to call Kitty-stink? My parents had an old beloved cat that had kidney failure, Simple Solution was the only thing that worked. Have a Blessed week!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How lucky to come across a floor like that under the rug!!

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