Jun 2, 2010

Nothing and Something

I wanted to write a cool post... the kind of posts that gets tons of witty comments. No, wait, I never get that many comments, but you know what I mean. What I can tell you is sort of a confessional of sorts. I have IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and it's making me miserable.

I can tell you that sometimes the pain is so unbearable that I want to scream. That I've been to the ER with it. That I have medicine that helps, that makes me groggy and spaced out. I take it and watch the clock, waiting for it to kick in.

It hasn't been quiet in months and months. MONTHS. The stress of packing, moving, kids, the house, the winter. Everything. So, I'm back on a simple diet, white bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Simple, boring. No fresh veggies, no salads, nothing. It's all a trigger for me. It stinks. It's depressing.

So, that's my story. I'm tired and worn out. But I'm hanging in there.


Debbi said...

Ooh, I hate to feel that kind of icky, too. Just miserable. I am so sorry you feel so bad!
I did see the email that you sent requesting feedback on your little magazine, but it was sometime in the last three weeks, in which I have had nary a minute to myself. And now I'm not certain that I still have it. But let me tell you, it was simply lovely! I enjoyed the little girlfriend history especially! I am crazy about your plans for your farm! Oh how I wish I could attend your artist workshop! I have a son on the East Coast . . . hmmm.. He's a large part of my recent busy-ness. Sam and his bride have been here for a visit. They flew home yesterday . . . really, truly flying the nest, I suppose . . . sigh . . .
But still! My plan today is to catch up on three weeks of blogs! I am soooo enjoying this! Maybe we should go blog hopping together! It might help you ignore the grouchy abdomen. Feel better soon, Lee! So much fun stuff out there! We don't want you to miss any little bit of it!
Have someone give you hugs! Real ones! Just what you need when you feel crummy. ~Debbi

whitaker imagery said...

So you wrote this obviously knowing my first comment right? If you poop on the potty, Aunt Deb will take you to the movies! C'mon little belly work out all those kinks so Aunt Lee feels better soon!

Aaahhh, but seriously I really am sad for you and you do not deserve to have to feel so crappy. I am sure the depressing diet doesn't do well to lift your spirits either. So chin up, gut in and the kids will be done school so we can get beach bound very soon. Hugs and love you <3

Dorthe said...

Dear Lee,
IM not sure what the IBS means, but I understand that`s makes you feel lousy, so I will hope for you to be able to doo something about it, that it will disapear soon, sweet.
I ,too know all about things that comes from iritable or nervous body funktion, and I know ,it is not eaysy to deal with.
So hope for you , it will soon be better, when all the nervouesnes from moving is setled,--cross my fingers, Lee.
Hugs and love

natalea said...

so sorry to hear you've been feeling this way Lee! Hang in there....I used to have IBS too, so I know how you feel poor thing.
take care. xo nat

Gigi said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable...I don't know all the symptoms but I can imagine you are in pain. Hugs.

Julie Pishny said...

Oh Lee, I am sorry that you are struggling with this...I have heard that it is awful and so painful. Hopefully, you can get it under control quickly with the bland diet. I will be sending healthy wishes your way. Hugs - Julie

Lori said...

i am sorry to hear that Lee...i hope the bland diet has you feeling better soon...you have been under a lot of stress with the move you didn't want to make...hopefully now that you are settling in, stress won't be triggering your IBS anymore...take care!!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Okay, I'll try to be witty. I have been eating prunes. My body holds on to every morsel, if you know what I mean. This morning at 7:00 I went for an hour walk. Today at 11:00 I vacuumed. I then had to shower. What if the prunes had kicked in on my walk instead of when I was vacuuming? And who on earth knows how many prunes are enough anyway? I have a friend with IBS and she says that drinking fiber mixed with water helps her. Sounds all wrong, doens't it but she says it works. I'm sorry. REally I am. If you lived here we could sit on the lawn swings and swap stories.

Tam said...

I will try to be witty....Since Turning 40
I have had a few "CHARLOTTE" MOMENTS

(you know from Sex in the City Movie ONE what happened to Charlotte while on her trip)

One of those moments was driving to VA with my TWO BOYS OVER SPRINGBREAK...I kid you NOT!

MY BFF asked how my trip was and I said to her...I HAD A CHARLOTTE moment. Being my BFF she LAUGHED HER BUTT OFF and frankly so did I.

However at the time I did not laugh because I was in the worst possible public restroom know to men with two little boys laughing so hard because of what had happend to MOMMY. Again I DID YOU NOT but this is part of my life since the removal of my gallbladder...LOL

Hang in there and I will be saying a prayer for you!!!