Jul 3, 2010

More Wood Floors

I am still continuing on my journey of ripping out smelly carpets. My cat, it seems, thinks it's OK to not use the litterbox when she chooses. Even though it is right next to where she uses the carpet. She is, after all, almost 17. In her whole life, we have never had this issue. Ever. But since moving, welllllllll, not so much. Is is stubborness? Senility? Poor eyesight? Who knows. She is part Maine Coon Cat. That's all I'm sayin'.
Anyhoo, when we moved we had to put her litterbox and food in a spot that the dogs couldn't get to. Charlie, who has since gone to live with Deb and her family, used to terrorize her. Our living room is large and L-shaped. There are two doors that go into the front hallway, both with heavy, fire-rated doors. (I think this had to be done due to the fact there were children in this house. It was a boys homes for wards of the state). They also help to hold the heat in the room in the winter.

nice wallpaper huh? LOL. The door on the left goes into the kitchen. Here, I am standing in the corner of the L.
I moved back a little from the L corner, kitchen door is still off in the upper corner.
those stains came right our of the carpet- it was kerosene. ick. This the other side of the L.
We installed a cat door for her to go through. Put her stuff in there. No problems for months. One day I noticed a part of the carpet, next to the door and in the corner, was wet with urine. I was ticked off! I have no idea how long this had been going on, what started it, whatever. All I can tell you is I HATE the smell of cat urine.

cat door installed in the fire door, leads into the living room, closest to the kitchen.
standing at the cat door. looking out the front door. The dor up on the right leads back into the living room near the entertainment cetner. Matching door, on the othr side of the stairs, goes into my studio.
Fast forward a few months, carpets cleaned a few times, "puppy pads" down, still no improvement. But by now, I cannot take this smell. So yesterday I ripped the carpets out. (Damn cat peed in the floor anyway. Time for more puppy pads.) I found wood floors, scratched and beat up, but probably usable. I'm not sure waht kind of wood- maple maybe? I don't think it's pine, the grain is wrong.

In one corner there is a square foot area of Bondo. You know, the filler putty used in cars? Or maybe it's colred grout, I don't know, but- seriously?!? And there is some near the door to the living room, closest to the front door.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Couldn't they just patch it like normal people??

Oh, and do you just LOVE the green paint. It's in the entire living room, and the downstairs and upstairs hallways. Then, a sage green is in the bathroom downstairs and bedroom number #4. Lord have mercy, green follows me everywhere. My house is PA had mint green siding, a mint green bathroom complete with a mint green toilet and rug, and remnants of green paint behind every register. My goodness, was there a sale or something? Must've been at the same time as the bright blue paint in the bedroom (that is on the outside of houses around here too).

Now what? I don't know. Maybe rent a sander? Paint? We're kind of hamstringed until we decide, because my art studio and the living room opens off this hallway too. And I'm sure the same wood in underneath the same blue rug in those rooms. Which is a good thing, I think.

xoxo Lee


Gigi said...

That floor is going to be beautiful once it's done. I'd bet there is hardwood under all that carpet. Poor kitty. Sounds like he's just all kinds of mad at you for moving him.

Lisa said...

lots of work ahead for you! When i moved in with my husband to be, my five year old birman started using the floor as a potty..or the closet or whatever...it was also right after my 12 year old bunny whom she loved died. sadly she never stopped the hideous behaviour and was relagated to the downstairs of our home for the remainder of her days though she was with or other cats who had to suffer along with her... so good luck!!

Cassie Shella said...

Have your cat's kidneys checked out. My parents had an older cat that started doing that and it turned out to be a kidney infection. - very treatable. On the plus side, I think the wood floor looks really cool - love the color. What a great big, old, house you have! Have a Blessed week!

vera said...

Decisions decisions! I hope you figure out what to do...I think rent a sander instead of paint it. Can't wait to see what you decide!

Tam said...

OHHHH I bet those floors are going to turn out great! I bet your HOME is thanking you for pulling up all that carpet and taking down the wallpaper....OH it can breath and be restored to the original house it was meant to be!

I have four cats and they are all contrary at times. The get mad over the smallest thing and do things like that to me. For example one finds it necessary to pee on my clothes if they are on the bathroom floor. Sugar Honey Ice Tea is what I want to scream! She only does it to MY things! I have one that if her litter box is not tidy she just goes right outside the box.