Jul 7, 2010

Two Give Aways

For two gals that I love!

Anne, over at Fiona & Twig, is moving to a lovely new/old house. To celebrate, she's giving away a $90 gift certificate for CSN stores. Woooooooo hoooooo!! I know I could use some lovely things for my new old house!! How about some yummy coffee tables? (we're using really old ones from the 70s...) Or some awesome bedding- of course the gray one, which I was all set to order, is out of stock!

And Tracey over at French Larkspur is having a one year bloggiversary! She's giving away a  gorgeous 18 x 18" pillow made from a vintage European grain sack, two  lavender pillows made from beautiful vintage French ticking, and a gorgeous old vintage zinc pitcher.

I have never won anything from a blog giveaway. Wouldn't either of these two be a great one to win?

hugs- Lee


Gigi said...

I hope you win Lee!!! Fingers and toes crossed.

ramsam said...

I was very lucky when I first started blogging, and own a lot of stuff, lately it has been a very dry spell, but I still love looking and getting introduced to new things!