Oct 17, 2011

Spidery Goodness

Head on over HERE

to win THIS:


The Other Side of Me said...

Thanks, Sweetie. Miss you. Wish you were coming this weekend! Will just have to send you a goody from CLF!
Have a good week.


cinnibonbon said...

So freaking cool aren't they!! Yes I'm with Tammy--would love to see you.

Dorthe said...

Lee, First I thought :creepy-but it is cute, isen`t it?
thanks for the link.

Kelly said...

Hi Lee,
I am so glad your hens are doing better. We have lost many guinea hens from cars. They don't fly off like people think they should. We always slow down for any animals. If you need to put something on the wounds you can use BlueKote.