Oct 30, 2011

Wow- a flounce on a two year old post.

So, I received an comment this morning on a post that's two years old, on one of my favorite photos. I had labeled the post Another Gypsy Woman. Apparently:

That is not a Gypsy woman is a Ruthenian woman from Ukraine and the picture is from a popular New York book called something like "The Faces of Europe. From an anthropological point of view she has not a single gypsy feature, look at the nose, face structure, and everything. You need to make a research before you label someone...

1. Thanks for the heads up.
2. I clearly stated in the post that I didn't know where the photo was from, only that I loved it.
3. I do not have the time to check your sources, so I'll take your word for it.
4. Maybe I'll blame it on artists license....

Anyone have this happen?


Kelly said...

Hahahah, now don't you feel important? I got flak once when I said I like local produce and support a CSA. Some "highly intellinget" young grad student went on and on and on about how we were deluding ourselves, weren't very astute (did I spell that right) and so on. I went to his blog and he is a research student. So....I told him to gain some years of experience, learn to temper his words and it wasn't nice to try and intimidate someone with his knowledge. He wrote back and was very nice. Ya just never know. LOL Have snow?

Gigi said...

*sigh* Some people.

kandeland said...

too funny! I find it quite amusing. Wish I had that kind of time!
Have a Happy Halloween Lee!


Oh crap--too funny--this person need a life indeed!