Oct 18, 2008

Flyin' High

Last weekend we were fortuntate enough to be invited to a local airfield by our neighbors, Uncle Walt and Miss Doris. Walt grew up in our house, and has a car garage next door that used to be a part of this property. He's been flying for 30 years, and since moving here, we've seen him fly by the house quite often. The boys and I usually run outside and wave like crazy!

So, last weekend he called and said "why don't you follow us up to the airport." He's been talking about taking the boys up, but I never thought it would acutally happen! We planned on me going up with Jason first, but he was too shy. So Adam and I went up.

Then when we landed, Jason was more than ready!

Then it was Chris' turn.

What an amazing day! It was gorgeous out, perfect for the plane ride. We saw the local countryside in a whole new way. We saw the Strasburg Railroad from above, the big black trains chugging along. We saw buzzards flying in the same space as us. We could see Three Mile Island, Pottstown, and even the Philadelphia skyline!

A BIG thanks to our neighbors! It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

hugs- Lee

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