Oct 10, 2008

Hayfields and Boys

This is my house:

These are my kids playing in the field next door. Jason and Adam are crazy about tractors. They love to run along the property line as the farmers go by.

Yesterday the farmer came by and raked the hay field, flipping it into rows to get it to dry. Once it's dry, they roll it into hay bales. They boys couldn't resist, doing the same thing they saw the rake doing.

One of the things the drew my husabnd and I to this house was the amazing views. We live on the top of a hill, and the horses and fields next door are much better than a housing development anyday!

Enjoy this wonderful weather. It'll be cold before we know it.

hugs, Lee



Well I have to say that I don't enjoy living in the country BUT...I can see why people love it!! Those views are awesome!!!

Your house is huge! Very nice.

Your boys look like they are having ablast withthat hey!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Lee how are you, oh my goodness I was bowled over by your veiws...all that countryside I am seriously GREEN, and two beautiful boys, what a fabulous childhood.What a gorgeous home.
Hugs Lynn xx

Donna O. said...

Wow, the views ARE beautiful. I would find it hard to leave, ever!!

Tam said...

Thanks for the COMMENT on my blog. LOVED your comment and it mirrors my life! Same here big time!