Oct 2, 2008

Twigs And Feathers

If you've been to our Etsy shoppe lately, (and you better have!!) you may have noticed that in addition to our crafty art stuff, we have quite a bit of brassy goodies. That's because I LOVE that sort of stuff. I pick up all kinds of metal things when I'm at flea markets and thrift shops. I can't help it. I love letters and numbers, random pieces of metal, drawer pulls, keys, hinges, knobs... you get the picture.

Well, now you can "get it" even more! Tammy and I have opened a sister Etsy shoppe called Twigs and Feathers. This shoppe will be more dedicated to the necessities for building a nest, versus decorating a nest!

My latest find are a bunch of brass laundry pins. I love them. I picture them as ornaments, jewelry, necklaces- you name it. We sold out of numbered brass tags not too long ago, but I have a bunch more coming this way soon!

There will also be papers goodies. I bought these cool labels off eBay. They look and feel vintage, but I can't say that for sure. I think these would be cute for resin magnets or pins, collages, or even faux postage.
So, what do you think?

hugs- Lee


Bristol said...

Oh what fun stuff~ Love your banner.


Ah...I remmebr those pins from the public pool. LOL..good times.. All your goodies are wonderful.

Donna O. said...

What do I think? Me thinks you got good shtuff here!!

jen said...

So many fun goodies, I Love the pattern broaches, they are super cute!