Jun 11, 2009

It was FUN! Part 1

As you know, Tammy and I headed out to the Farm Chicks Show this past weekend. I flew to Atlanta on Thursday, and caught of with Tammy, her SIL Judy (aka Junk Whisperer), and Dawn Edmonson. We had a leisurely afternoon, spent shopping at The Plum Tree and another warehouse filled with goodies. I bought some old feedbags and a cool German bird-shaped marzipan mold (I'd show you, but I forgot them at Tammy's house).

Friday, we left Atlanta and flew to Spokane, Washington, via Salt Lake City. It was a long day, but we lucked out and had no problems with our flight. We met nice people along the way too, which helps the day go by. The funniest thing happened when we picked up the rental car... Now, picture this, we're tired, hungry, from out of town, and yet when I ask for a map, the chick behind the counter says "we don't have any maps." I'm sorry, what?? At a car rental agency, at the airport, and you have no maps. How the heck are we supposed to get anywehere?? We're from out of state! "When we went green," she says, "we stopped giving out maps." Oh. And then to top it off, she didn't even ask "where are you going?" or offer directions. So much for Customer Service.

Turns out the guy at the next counter had one, so at least we got to the hotel. Oh- but we also had to call Tammy's husband (aka real Man)- BACK EAST- and have him mapquest it for us. Oy vey. Note to self- next time mapquest all possible destinations before we travel...

Saturday we headed to the Expo center a little early, around 8:30. We thought the show opened at 9, but instead it was 10. People were already in line!! It was overcast, breezy and a little chilly- there was no way we were waiting outside for an hour and a half. Especially because we knew we'd be on our feet all day. We went back to the hotel, grabbed our books, hit Starbucks, and read in the car until it was time to go. The line was four times longer when we finally got in line, but it went fairly quickly.

The first booth we hit was our favorite, Second Childhood Girlfriends. Coincidentally, we had met the girls, Karen Davis and Corinne Jarrett, at breakfast that morning. Their booth was filled with vintage finds, in a wonderful palette of cream, aqua, and pink. Each table had wonderful things to choose from. These girls can be found at the Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, OR.

This fabulous creamy tree was at the Emery Moran Heirloom Embellishments booth. Sweet, huh?

Amy Smith, of Candywinkel, was a hoot! We loved her booth, and she had the coolest boots ever! She sells great candles and candies, many of which are on vintage snack trays, planters, and all kinds of cool containers.

Sophia's had an amazing booth, filled with black and creamy fabrics and finds. Seriously, I may have considered buying if I didn't live so far away!

We ran into Debbie Nania and Shelly Hepler, the Mermaids of The Lake. These creative and smart women have a blog and and a publication for and about women. They had their blog badges on, and they were a blast! I think Tammy might have photos, I'll have to check.

Another favorite booth was artist Virginia Shawver's The Rusty Bird. She had lots of nests, eggs, vintage finds, and the most fun things made with bed springs!

Well, it's enough for now- wait until Part 2! And maybe 3, too!



Outstanding Stranger said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures of the fun time. It was almost like being there...Diane

Lori said...

it looks amazing Lee...i'm glad you had such a good time!!!

The Other Side of Me said...


Your post came out great. We took almost completely different pictures. It was great seeing it through your eyes. Looking forward to seeing day 2.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Lee!!! I'm so glad you girls got to do this together!!!! It was so good to see you all again in McDonough too! What treasures you must have found at Farm Chicks, the pictures are so amazing! Thanks for taking so many for us, I love looking at them :), hugs and love, Dawn

MommaRu said...

Between both your photos and Tammy's, it's like being there. So glad you both had such a great time together and could share your experience.
Looking forward to MORE!
Love, Mrs. "C"

Coleen said...

Hi Lee!!!
Thank you (and Tammy) for popping by my booth!!!...guess what? we even stayed at the same motel...i didn't see you guys but I know one of the gals from Second ChildHood Girlfriends......

Heart Hugs,

Angela said...

I'm afraid I am going to have to bust up y'alls party next year...you know the whole 3's a crowd thing! I cannot wait to see more pics, wish you 2 were going to Silver Bella...how much trouble could we get into?!?!

ramsam said...

I am so glad you took pictures and shared with us! Looks so fun.


OOOOOhhh I'm with Angela....Gooing to have bust up this party of two!!! LOL.

Girl.....this is just flipping awesome. I'm with you. I'm digging that black and cream booth!!! Oh to have owned that chair....whew!!!

I can only guess what you two had the times of your lives...but were poop tired and just all a giggles!!! Yaww haww for you wonderful ladies.. You're the bestest!!!

Stay safe and I hope to "see" more soon!


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