Jun 20, 2009

Last One

I know all of you are probably sick of hearing about the Farm Chicks, but there were so many great vendors with wonderful products, I just have to share!
Beth Quinn makes beautiful charms out of glass and silver. I chose the one that said "breathe." It's something I often tell my patients when they are in pain. It lets you focus your mind- and we can all use that at times!

Gal pals Isabel Lang of Maison Douce and Lisa of A Thing for Roses had wonderful items. I bought a lovely pack of yellow, teal, pink and white scraps of chenille. I've wanted some to play with, and this amount is just perfect. Lisa was sporting her blog badge, and Isabel had on a great vintagey utility apron.

Barbara, from Spyra Designs, recently moved west from Maine, so you know I had to stop and chat with her! She has gorgeous felted items, which I am sure I'm going to need in the great white North!

Tammy and I both bought some altered silk clothing from Franny and Faith of Altered Eco. Franny designs, Faith sews. (That's my dress that Faith is altering for me- right on the spot!) I have to admit, I saw them on Saturday and passed right on by. I thought the dresses were a little odd- silk dress with a crocheted top? But then I tried one on, and I was SOLD! These dresses are such a fashion statement!!

We met some really cool gals, Laura of WSU Laura, Timi of A Girl Named Timi, and Donna there. We chatted both days, and felt we'd met some kindred spirits. Too bad they live across the country!

It was a long weekend, but an amazing one. Thanks to all of you we met- we had a blast. Look us up if you're coming East. hugs- Lee


Maison Douce said...

It was so nice to meet you, too!!! And you came from so far... You have brought back some wonderful memories....! Will we see you again next year?

Beth Quinn said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you at farm chicks !!! so glad you loved the charm too !!! please keep in touch !!

Outstanding Stranger said...

I for one never get tired of hearing about the Farm Chicks event and love seeing the pictures..I can dream about being there...Thanks, Diane

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

I just love these posts. I am so glad we went! Your pics came out great.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh it's never too much...I love hearing everyone's stories from the Farm Chicks show. I wish I'd live closer because I'd STILL be posting about it! Sounded like lots of fun!!!!
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