Aug 13, 2009

Feeling Creative

Despite the fact that my stomach is upset, and my youngest has a fever, I am feeling quite creative today. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the newest Halloween-inspired Somerset Studio arrived! It is packed full of wonderful, inspiring art. (Not to mention that the advertisement for Somerset Home has Tammy's art splashed across the middle of it!)

I am not normally a Halloween type of person. It's a fun holiday for the kids, but aside from carving pumpkins, I don't really decorate too much for it. I did not like the fall, Halloween themed Somerset Studio from last year. But this year, I love it.

Right now, I have 4 wooden houses painted and drying. I bought and printed out some Halloween collages from Etsy. These will be used to turn some old tart tins into something fabulous. Maybe a little candy cup, with a surprise in the bottom?

Go treat yourself to the latest Somerset Studio, and see what your inspired to create.
Hugs- Lee


Blasé said...


The Other Side of Me said...


Who is this guy that visits you? Weird.

I have to get a copy of the Somerset Studio. It looks good.

I hope you are feeling better today.


LOL--on Tammy's comment. I thought you knew Mr. BLASE---ohh really? Ok I'm dying over here. LOL. I have a young man visiting my blog too. So I've been dropping by on his now and again for the last year or so. It's fun and weird --what the internet brings together!!!

Ohh. I'm thrilled you are in full form. I wanna see all that you make!!! Mmm yummy

Outstanding Stranger said...

Oh I am glad I found you again...I commented on your book made with the record album. I have been looking and looking. I thought you were from my blog and I found you on my flickr. I bought an album and wanted to give you credit for the inspiration if you don't mind and link back to your blog..I haven't started it yet but it is starting to come together. Let me know if it is alright with you. Thanks, Diane

Nelly said...

I have 2 larger "tart" pans on my table to do something with. I had to comment when I saw yours. I'm not sure yet what to do and they're a bit larger too. I just love their shape