Aug 2, 2009

Summer Nights

It's been a strange summer. Lots of rain, coming down is sheets. Like dimes and nickles, pelting the earth, the grass, the flowers. And it doesn't cool off, it stays humid. It's like backwards rain- steaming from the ground up.

Last night, before the thunder rolled in and the heavens opened up, me and the boys played with some sparklers. It was magical. Two little sprites, running in the dark, golden sparks flying. They squealed and laughed.

It was over too soon. Goodnight, my sweet boys. Love you.


Blasé said...

The weather is much the same here. Thunderstorms popping here and there. Very humid. ..I responded to your comment, fyi

ramsam said...

It's always over too soon, isn't it???

But now you have it here....forever! :-)


Stinky weather here too friend--and Summer seems to have gone too quickly. I know it's not quite over, but it's nearing too close to me.
Hey I'll get to post office yet!! Hopefully tomorrow. I happen to have the day off.


Thanks for the comments-- girl I made it to the post--- keep your eyes peeled.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Every time I see the boys they are bigger. What are you feeding them?
Sparklers are a summer favorite. Glad you had a nice evening.
Miss you,