Aug 24, 2009

Six Years Flew By

My oldest child turned 6 about a week ago. It's amazing to think that so much time has flown by. I remember the pregnancy, his birth, the first birthday party like it was yesterday. I remember holding him whenever I could, looking at his sweet face and trying to figure out who he looked like.
I still love to watch him sleeping. His face is so relaxed, and his skin is soft and smooth. He's beautiful that way. I love his sturdy little body, all angles and bones. He eats like a horse and is still skinny. I love his feet, and wonder how big they'll actually get. I love his hands. I love the back of his hair, so soft and the perfect kissy spot.
his birthday, 2 years ago

I'm lucky enough to have 2 children. Many couples have trouble conceiving. But being a parent is not necessarily about having biological children. Many people adopt, foster, or contribute to children's lives in other ways. We are all so important. We are all the Village.

Jason has grown up so much in the past summer. He grew almost an inch in the past 2 months. He now wears glasses, in an attempt to wake up an lazy eye. He writes his name, is a daredevil on his bike, and is "this close" to be able to swim.
blurry, but out playing in the rain.
hanging with Uncle Rich

Like most parents, I'm sure, I am amazed at the little person he is. I am thankful each and every day for the gift of this child. God chose me as his mom for a reason. I hope I do well.
pool party at the YMCA

Hugs- Lee


Angela said...

What a cutie he is! They do grow so fast, my oldest was 10 on aug. 12th and it just can't be!!!!!!! We had to go buy him a skateboard for his bday and then yesterday he pipes up that he wants a hat like the pros wear...UGLY, that is all I can say abt. it! It has just gone entirely too fast.

The Feathered Nest said...

Your family is just beautiful! Happy Birthday to your little sweetie Lee :) xxoo, Dawn

The Other Side of Me said...

I LOVE his little glasses and he looks so cute in them!!! Congrats on Jason's 6th birthday. It seems just like yesterday that you were pregnant. They are growing too fast!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

God indeed did choose you to be a Mom to that very child and you are doing a fine job of it. Look at that smile. He is happy, I can see that. Both of them are happy, what more could a Mom ask. Okay, a lot of stuff, like "pick up your socks," but happy kids are number one.