Aug 28, 2009

Pretty Shiny Things

I'm digging into my stash and listing some of these mercury beads on etsy and I also have small red, gold and silver beads, as well as some even smaller aqua blue beads. Get crafting!
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hugs- Lee


Lori said...

hi Lee, did you change your blog? i like it!!! i LOVE those mercury glass beads...they are really pretty!!!

Blasé said...

Those Beads are just too damn pretty, as far as I'm concerned!

Angela said...

The colors are gorgeous, Lee!!


Now that's an item I would regrett handing out!
Girl how the heck have you've been? I hope all is well and things are moving right along for you! Any time for relaxation yet? I hope so.
I'm been tired from work and just fustrated with pain--but here's hoping I can bounce back. No worries right? Nothing that a little drink can't make me relax a bit. Speaking of I need a new flavor--got any favorites?

Ok girlie have yourself a wonderful weekend.

Oh PS-- a 6 year old? WOW..he is so adoreable. Plus I love hearing your stories about the boys. It's such a contract from our "girl" stories--I bet you would never have any other way!!!

Miss you

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Looks like Christmas. We must not talk about Christmas until November. Do not come to my house and play Christmas carols on the piano. I will go nuts. Oh, wait...

Tam said...

MY first thought was Christmas when I say your pictures of the Mercury Glass Beads! My Grandmother use to have a Bowl of Mercury Beads she always had out at Christmas! She was a woman before her time! HMMM it is a wonder one of her GrandChildren never tried to swallow one! Sorry I digressed!

Hope you are having a great weekend !