Feb 12, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

By this time, 43 years ago, I was already born- first thing in the morning! On the way into the hospital, my mom lost a shoe in a snow bank. She said she crossed her legs in the elevator. I was out by the time my dad parked tha car!! Guess I was in a hurry!

Isn't this cake amazing?? I'll take whatever cake I get, but this is cool. Usually, being so close to Valentine's day, I get heart shaped cake. That used to bother me- I felt like it wasn't personal enough. Now? Who cares, bring it on! Chocolate, vanilla, orange, sprice, carrot- love them all!

I can't say that I have a favorite birthday gift. When I turned 21, me and my college roommates met my family at a restaurant. The weather was icy and terrible, and I remember a long slippery drive back to college! When I turned 30, I met Tammy in NYC and we went to see Sunset Boulevard. That was fun. When I turned 40, my sister had a family dinner for me at her house. It's always great to be surrounded by family.

Turning 50 will be different. Tammy and I will be in Paris!

What's your favorite birthday?

Hugs, Lee


Tam said...

Happy Birthday LEE! Hope it is a good one!

Dorthe said...

Hi Lee,

The Feathered Nest said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lee!!!!!! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day!!!! I wish you all the best dear heart....hugs and love, Dawn

Gigi said...

Happy, happy Birthday Lee!! Paris for 50?! How awesome!!


Again....Happy B-day.

How was the dinner? I hope swell.

PS...Paris with your BFF? oh how devine....I used to never care about Paris...but since meeting you vintage loving gals, I suddenly find myself...very interested in going. Sounds like a family vaction just waiting to happen...now I just have to save up for it!!!

Lori said...

Lee, i hope you had a wonderful HAPPY birthday!!!

natalea said...

Happy belated Birthday Lee!!
I never had great b-days, but this past one was really good- maybe the best! Antiquing and high tea with a best friend.
WIshing you a wonderful year!
xo natalea