Feb 7, 2010

Winter in Maine

The day we moved in to our new house, in was snowing. It's snowed a lot since! It's been snowy and cold and windy, and usually no one really wants to go outside. Not really.

looking at the house, from the top field.

Today is was sunny and gorgeous- cold, but sunny. We all bundled up and headed outside. We walked the fields, checked out the fences, the frog pond, the frozen creek, and our out buildings. We discovered that there is a skunk in a rocky, brushy area near the red tractor barn. I'm all for live and let live, but this one is going to have to move on!

from the bottom of the bottom field.
Daddy, the boys, and the skating dog.
Adam and me on the frog pond.
I leave you with some outside pictures, this time. Tomorrow I'm off to shadow for 4 hours at the hospital. I anticipate taking the position, but you never know...

enjoy!! Lee


Lori said...

Lee, your property looks gorgeous...i hope you have a good day at the hospital tomorrow, and that the job will be a good fit for you...crossing my fingers that it all works out!!!

Tracey said...

The property is amazing Lee ~ can't wait to see it in the summer months!!! We're supposed to get 11inches of snow tonight...hoping they're over predicting on that one!

Stay warm!

:) T


Oh I feel for you girl. Really I do. I've been housebond since Thursday afternoon. We dug out today and went to McDonalds just to get out of house and since it was prety close to the house, we didn't feel our lives were in danger out on the roads.

Listen the view of house is AMAZING. that is huge and the property looks fab.

Great pic of the boys all bundled up!!!


hey girl...you've been on my mind.. How's the work? the weather?

Maybe when all this freeze melts we can hang out!!! Be safe

Angela said...

I thought of you today when our weather man said to expect to have 2-4 inches of snow here tomorrow, EVERYTHING has shut down. We are in middle Ga. for Pete's sake not Maine, I thought! ha. as soon as I heard the forecast you came to mind. Hope all is well with you and your new home!