Aug 19, 2010

Before and After

OK, these pictures are a little boring, but some of my family and friends wanted to see them.

We get a lot of water in the basement, which apparently is common in Maine. We are, after all, only about 300 ft above sea level. The ground here tends to be very sandy. Luckily, our is pretty good soil.

I wanted to just have some grading done so that the water drained away from the house. I also wanted to do some planting, and the bamboo was too deep, so that needed to be dug out too.

Well, you know how the story goes... a little bit of grading turned into a lot of tearing out old trees and bushes, and laying pipe around the foundation that will be connected to the gutter.

Now if Icould only keep the chickens out of the new grass seed!


The Other Side of Me said...

That looks really great. Alot of work but it will pay off in the end.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Gigi said...

Seeing as I've just done some of the same myself (minus taking out trees) I know how much work that was! It looks great!

Dorthe said...

Hi Lee,
your house looks wonderfull, and you will be so happy you made draining possible-
my daughter and son in law just have had 25 cm water all over the basement :( -because of not big enough pipes in the area they lives.
Wishing you a great week-end, dear.

josh healy said...

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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Everything looks great but what a lot of work! You are going to have a good feeling this winter when the rain and snow come. I LOVE white. My favorite color--or is it a non-color?