Aug 15, 2010


Some of you out there know me personally, some of your only through the internet and this cool blogging world. I wanted to add a postscript to the last post, to explain how truly grateful I am.

I was married at 25 and divorced at 30. I was mentally abused, worn down, made to feel as if I had nothing worth giving. I wasn't this and I wasn't that. So much for not believing in divorce. Hey, when one partner wants out, the other is left holding the bag.

I went home to my parent's, depressed, unable to function, save go to work and come back. I went to lick my wounds, tail between my legs, feeling like failure. I had to find myself again. That was 1997.

I entered nursing school. I realized I was smart. I went to counseling every week during the school year- it's free at the university. I went for 2.5 years. Then, one day, I realized I didn't need to go anymore. I had worked out my demons. I smiled at my AMAZING counselor and said "I don't think I need to come anymore." He smiled. "I don't either." I graduated with a BSN and entered into critical care. That was 2000.

I met my amazing husband in 2001. It seemed like I had been single forever. He was the man I was waiting my whole life for. He loves me for who I am. He takes the good and the bad. He calms me. He makes me laugh. We were blessed to get pregnant right away, while one of my dearest friends struggled with infertility. It was a hard place to be, but instead of it coming between our friendship, she rejoiced with me. And a few years later she was blessed with a child too.

So, if you'd asked me, way back after I was divorced, if I'd ever be married or have children, I would have said no. But, luckily for me, God said YES.


Gigi said...

Wow - I didn't know the back story. It seems that you've come through incredible adversity shining and appreciative of what you have. That's amazing. Thanks for sharing.

she dreams big! said...

Just another example of God closing one door while opening another (a much better one!). I'm so happy that you are happy! Thanks for your honesty.

Looks like the house is really coming along quite nicely. I'm in love with your porch!

Take care girl!


This is such a wonderful post Lee--I really loved it!!! I liked hearing about the you I don't know outside of the 2 times I've seen you in person!!!

You and your family are truly blessed--love you girl--miss you bunches

kandeland said...

wonderful story Lee. God always has a plan! Still finding out mine, but I love the journey... Great to hear that you found your true love and have the life you were meant for! xox nat

Tam said...


Thank you for sharing that story! One day I will have to meet you in real life. Our stories are very similiar. In 1997 my first marriage after 8 years was over and I too went HOME to my parents very similar to YOUR story! HUGS LEE and again thanks for sharing!!!