Aug 10, 2010

I need a table- a really loooooooooooong one.

I have this side enclosed porch on my house, just waiting for something to fill it. The possibilites are endless... It is big, about 8 x 27, yeah, that big. Like my other small side porch, the windows are repurposed, old storm windows. They slide open and closed in two areas. I found one screen the fits, the other is a makeshift one that fits no where in this house... but it must have at some point, as I found it in the barn with a million other ones.

The strange thing about the porch is that is is only accessible by ONE door, off the dining room (or what they called the dining room, and I'm still using for storage). There is not staircase leading to the outside of the house, like a traditional porch. It does, however, have window into my studio, which could be interesting. hehehe
The window on the right goes into my studio.
The two windows on the left are in the dining room. Neext to it is the only door into the porch. The little window looks into my kitchen.

My friend Angela thinks I should set an amazing table here, and then add all kids of ephemera, art and other goodies, and use it as a kind of show room. I like this idea. Except for one. small. detail. The room is not completely waterproof/weatherproof. We've had one instance where the rain came in in all kinds of weird places- down the siding in two places, running behind the window that leads into the kitchen. The snow blows between the cracks in the windows. Probably relatively easy fixes- just not being down now.
Elle decor

pink house home office
My mom likes the idea of putting my old daybed in there. I like that idea too. I even bought some heavenly blue chenille pillow covers for the bed, which is still in the house at the moment... Again, the weather thing could be an issue, but I just need to buy a waterproof mattress cover.

both images from Coastal Living
OK- so back to the table thing. I need table, because I think I may have the art retreat in this room, if the weather is warm enough. It gets amazing light all day, and has easy access to the kitchen and bathroom. I have a barn full of crap wood things- doors, windows, pallets, etc. We also have a ton of old railroad ties that need to be pulled away from the swing set. Did anyone see the installment of Color Splash in Miami, with the table made from old ties? AMAZING. David is cute too, but I digress....

My sister Christine sent me a link to a shop that sells legs and things for tables, so that you can put whatever you want on the top. That could be cool- very cool. Which brings me to the mention of Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors- she's in the middle of a table project too. She's using pallet wood- which I happen to have plenty of. Hmmmmm.

 So, what kind of table would you like? And send me some interesting links, if you have any!


Gigi said...

That little porch could be sooooo amazing! The ideas are endless.

The Little Red Shop said...

Hi Lee!
What a wonderful space! It sounds like you have all sorts of goodies with which to play to decorate your porch. I think the day bed sounds does a table made from reclaimed materials!

: )

Julie M.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Are any of those doors in the barn solid? You could use those as table tops and find something to use as legs. Leave the old hardware on them. Clean them up and paint them? The room looks awesome and would be great for the retreat.

Good luck.

Tam said...

I LOVE YOUR PORCH! It rocks! The first thing that comes to my mind is what a great space to run away from my boys and to read. Comfortable seating! LOL I would make that my own personal Lanai.

I think the possiblities are endless and you have such great style you will find what will fit that space.

I think you should really try to use some of that wonderful materials you have in the Barn to make an awesome table or maybe a couple of smaller tables also.

natalea said...

freaking AWESOME porch Lee!

Cassie Shella said...

I think the room would be perfect for an art retreat or just about anythng else you would do in there. What a great space!!! Hope the weather stays great for your retreat, Blessings.

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite room in your house if for nothing else but all that yummy light and big windows. Oh I'm excited to see how you come to enjoy it. :) ~ Angela

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Lovey said...

Whatever you choose will be wonderful!! What a great space LEE! WOW!

umelecky said...

Oh my gosh...that porch is fabulous. A big, light filled blank canvas. I love the photo with the metal framed daybed and the big puffy pillow under the table. It looks like a place I'd like to be.