Sep 23, 2011

Art Swap Goodness

So, my friend Natalea and I recently did an art swap. We gave each other a topic, and planned to work on an 8x11 canvas. Mine turned into an 11x14, simply because it's the only size I could find. Short of ordering on online, or driving and hour to Michael's, this was my only choice. What a challenge and opportunity! I've never done anything that big.

I received Nat's package a week or so ago, but I didn't open it. I wasn't finished mine yet, and I didn't want to be influenced by her's. I just mailed it yesterday, but here is a little peek. Nat's theme was "embrace change."

My theme for Natalea was "shine." After the roughness of the last year and a half, I felt like this appropriate! Here is my new art!

Seriously!! Wonderfully warm colors, textures, and glitter! Look at the strength in this woman's features.

A lovely necklace, which I'm sure Nat made:

And this FAB-U-LOUS collection of paper. I love paper, and it's fun to receive someone else's stash.

SIX vintage French vocab cards- I am a HOARDER when it comes to flash cards and game cards.
These would make amazing covers for journals- if I knew how to hand bind... ah well, that's another project!

MANY MANY thanks Natalea- and when she gets hers in the mail, I'll post pictures too!



Ahhh super nice!!!! What aa wonderful idea, I think you both have similar styles...and they both rocked

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

I love Nat' work and she is uber generous! Please show us your artwork soon. Love the shoes of the sneak peak.

Have a good weekend.


Lili said...

What a wondeful exercise in creativity, and so very inspirational too. Gosh that is really lovely. Looking forward to seeing yours too Lee! ~Lili

kandeland said...

that was such an inspiring and fun challenge..thank you so much Lee! and I didn't think of the flash cards as journal covers..great idea! xo