Sep 2, 2011

What a Week!!

We lucked out with the crazy New England storm this past weekend. By the time it reached us in Maine, it was a tropical storm. We were without power from Sunday afternoon until supper time on Tuesday.  It was a little scary, sitting in the glassed in back porch (where the last light of the day was), surrounded by bending trees, eating PB&J and cheese sticks. The wind was coming from the opposite direction, or we wouldn't have been out there at all. We were lucky, many Mainers are still out of power.

My in-laws didn't lose power. So we spent some time over there on Monday and Tuesday. I babysat some friends' children on Tuesday, and we spent the majority of the day over at the pond. Luckily, when we came home that evening, the power was on. I lost all of the refrigerator, and some stuff in the freezers. But we still made out OK, as my father-in-law brought a generator over on Monday and got the freezers and frig back up to temperature.

The wind blew out a window in the old milking parlor of the barn. Having picked up all of the debris myself, I must confess that it probably didn't take much...
The one to the left is completely gone. The whole fram and all three windows came down. Now it's just a hole.

And then there was the very-urgent trip to the vet on still-powerless-Monday, after Duchess our dog got into a fallen hornets nest (I think). Her face swelled up, her skin (all over) turned almost purple, and she vomitted. I was scared. Maybe I should get her an EpiPen... Anyway, she's fine now. But as you might imagine, my last nerve became VERY FRAYED at this point. Oh, and did I mention hubby was stuck in NJ, which was essentially closed down???

I am proud to say I only cried for about a minute. Really.

Then Wednesday came and Jason went back to school. Adam and I took the bus to school and visited his Kindergarten class. Yesterday was his first full day, but I missed it while I worked. But his super Grandnan took care of it and made sure he hopped on with no problems. Jason, being the good big bro (for now, anyway), has been sitting with Adam on the bus. Watching them go today was sweet, and bittersweet. My babies are getting big.

How 'bout you? School? Kids? Storm?? Do tell.

hugs, Lee


umelecky said...

Hi Lee. I was wondering how you made out with the storm. I'm so glad to hear you are all okay. My hubby and I are heading to Maine on Tuesday and I'm so hoping it won't be a flopped vacation. What do you think? Should we give it a try? We'll be coming from PA and driving up the coast. We are hoping to look for antiques, walk on the beaches and eat sea food.


ahhhh poor thing. Does sound like one stressful time. I've had one hell of a summer too. But September is here and I'm not looking back!!
I'm glad you all made it out safe and that eventually things will get back to normal!!!

Hugs and kisses...Miss you bunches!

Dorthe said...

No big storm here- and no kids- only one grown up daughter,- but two grandkids, whom also are suddenly 11-and 4 years---they were just born a while ago!!!! :)
Glad the storm was resonable in your surroundings, Lee-

Lili said...

Just a little rain and wind for us, the power stayed on the entire time, we were very lucky. Sounds like you have things under control now though Lee, that must have been a harrowing experience for you, especially with the dog!

Gigi said...

I'm so glad you weathered the storm okay. I wondered about you as it swept past us - we didn't even have rain - but a few hours east really took a hit.

kandeland said...

what a sky in that photo! hopefully the stress is moving along...
we didn't get any of that weather luckily, but it's been the hottest of all summer these last couple days!
school starts next week for both Scarlet and I! Oh, and i sent your package out yesterday...xo nat

ramsam said...

it has been a big week for you! The storm sounds horrible, but I am so glad it wasn't worse. The barn is beautiful! Glad you're okay. The boys look great!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,

Adam reminds me so much of your side of the family and your sister's kids. He has lost his baby face. Hope the first day went well. Hey, good news. They are both in school full time. I hope your pace gets a little bit easier.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Lee,

I'm glad you're okay - one minute crying is definitely something to be proud of!!

My little ones have started back at school now. It's all very quiet at home!