Sep 25, 2011

Embrace Change!!

I received an email today from Natalea that she got my package and canvas yesterday! She loved her's too- which makes us both EVEN!

Her topic was "embrace change." We all need reminders to do that, right??

It took me awhile to find a quote that I liked. I originally wanted to take the "one door closes, another opens" route, but I couldn't really solidify the total image in my head. I thought about a building with lots of doors, different shapes and colors, but the canvas took a different direction.

Some art comes fast and furious, some not. This was in the latter category. And not in a bad way, either. It just took days and days, layers and layers of glue and paint. I first painted the top of the canvas blue. Then glued the green grass (patterned scrapbook paper). Next came added paint in blue, white, and yellow. I edged in brown ink, outlined in black ink pen.

The drying time actually gave me time to reflect and move the canvas along. In the end, I was very happy with the total picture. Eventually I built each little house, without gluing anything down. That my friends, was the key for me. I switched houses, women, even roofs, until it finally was finished.

Enjoy! And remember, nothing is static. Everything and everyone changes- how you react to that change is up to you.


Cinnibonbon said...

This is just wonderful!!! You need to come over and give me a class!

Linda said...

Saw it at Natalea's.... love it. It was interesting to read of the process you went through... it's comforting to know things don't just fall in place easily for others either!!

kandeland said...


Gigi said...

Gorgeous! And your last two lines? I so needed that today!

The Other Side of Me said...

HI Lee,

What a great piece! Looks like Nat is over the moon with it. I like all the details and colors you chose.

Have a good week.

Kelly said...

I love your thought process with the canvas. means so many different things. Good and bad. Even the bad leads us down a different path.

Tam said...

Awesome! Just what I needed to think about today...Embrace Change!

Lili said...

Very sweet and inspirational piece. And I love your music over here, so peaceful Lee. ~Lili