Sep 11, 2011

Love and all that

It's the 10 year anniversary of 9/11- the horrific terrorist attack that forever changed the United States. It has become the defining question of my generation. It's not "where were you when they shot JFK?" but "where were you on 9/11?"

I was at work, and I watched TV all day, which in hindsight was probably too much. I saw each building burn, each fall, the Pentagon on fire. Being in DE, we sent equipment and personnel north. The hospital was put on alert. No one came. No one.

I suffered from anxiety for months. Had trouble sleeping. The whole nine yards.

It makes me weep to this day. I'll never understand the radicalism behind these, and other, attacks. God. Buddha. Allah. Isn't the bottom line the concept of agape? Of true and deep and undying unconditional love from our Father?

I'm going to go hug my kids. Call my husband and tell him I miss him. Call my parents and check in. Love you.


T's Daily Treasures said...

The Challenger Explosion was the first time I found myself shocked and saddened and I remember exactly where I was when it happened. I was at school on 9/11 and when someone told me about the planes flying into the towers, I didn't believe them -- then like you, I was caught up in the news and watched the coverage for days. Still unbelievable that anyone could actually follow through with such acts. Sending blessings your way, Tammy


Dear girl--I miss you!!!

I don't understand either, it's not in our nature to understand such horrific events.
I was in military school, taking a test, when the instructor said
" they just bombed the world trade center" A few of us looked up from the test--confused--then of course he repeated his statement for the second tower. Bewildered--and on break I called my hubs and he let me know what had happened. I called my folks and asked that pick up my kiddo from school. During lunch we were called back and notified of the real horror that had occured and we all watched on TV, the students who had connections to NY were taken from the class. The base was on lock down, we couldnt go home for days. I too watched TV for days and realized how much more my life as a memember of the Armed Services had just changed.

Dorthe said...

Dear Lee-
Yes thanks to GOD ,we can never ever understand such terrible ,horrified actions-us and many many more---But will there ever be a world, where we all and everyone thinks like that.

Gigi said...

I still remember the shock and horror of it all. Today has found me in tears, time and time again. When I read the paper, or listened to the radio. Or looked up at the sky, which was eerily reminiscent of that horrible day ten years ago.

It was a gorgeous day here then, as it was today, and it was hard to conceive that such evil could happen on such a beautiful day.