May 19, 2012

Alpha Tags- E and F, and E

Man oh man, I am soooooooooooooooooooo far behind over at Paper Digital Arts. I think the group is on JKL maybe??

I have not been in my studio in well over a month. There are cobwebs on my desk....
This house reno is kicking our butts, we just want to be DONE.

Anyway, I am waiting to start the Soul Book project after I receive some things I ordered from Stampington. The last two times I was published I took a gift certificate instead of a check--- otherwise I wouldn't have spent it on myself!!

So, here are Jason's:

Here is Adam's:

No "F" for him yet- no word has popped into my head yet...


1 comment:

cinnibonbon said...

Don't you just hate falling behind on projects?!!! They are looking good. I forgot you were making 2 sets!