May 10, 2012

I WON- Brave Girls Soul Book E-course

You know, there are tons of blog giveaways out there. I cannot even begin to count the number I have entered... and not won!! But lately some great things have come my way. I won a beautiful Christmas tree from my BFF Tammy. I won a spot in Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made E-course.

Yesterday I received an email telling me that I won one of 30 spots for BRAVE GIRLS SOUL BOOK!! Melody and Kathy held a giveaway for 30 course slots and 30 copies of Melody's new book. I am a member online and get daily inspirational thoughts on email and FB.

Simply write in the comments what the daily truth messages have meant to you…..whether you read the daily emails or read them on Facebook or our blog….we want to know what they mean to you…..

 I left a comment, and out of 1490 (!!) Melody and Kathy chose mine. I tried to go back and find it to copy, but I think it's somewhere around 750...

Basically, I re-interated what it's like to sit in the quiet of the morning, check my email, and set the tone for the day. I have been writing a lot lately about remembering to choose my attitude and to be thankful for each and every day. I write about it to remind myself, 'cause the good Lord knows I need constant reminding. BUT- as Melody and Kathy constantly remind us- I am JUST FINE the way I am.

I would imagine Melody's book will be amazing:

Your soul is beautiful…so it has to be beautiful food for your beautiful soul. You will find 120 pages of full color beautiful hand-painted, hand made art wrapped around the birdie’s beautiful messages of soul truth, healing, encouragement and joy…….. this is volume one….but new volumes will be released regularly so that ALL of your favorite daily truths can be read and re-read…….and so that you will have a beautiful collection of beautiful books that will speak straight to the deepest part of you……….and so many of you have wanted to give the truths to others……so this is the most perfect gift too.

Keep your eyes peeled- they stated they will be taking pre-orders soon!!


Shannon said...


Gigi said...

You and me - still working on that attitude of gratitude! ;-)

Congratulations. May many, many more good things come your way!

kandeland said...

No freaking way! how lucky! And I'm SOOO happy it went to you! I wanted to win too, but I think I'm going to sign up anyway...I love the look of this book. Have fun with this Lee! And have a wonderful Mother's Day, you deserve it! xo nat

cinnibonbon said...

Hayyy Whooo!!!! Have fun AND SHOW US WHAT YOU LEARN OR MAKE!