May 1, 2012

In the quiet of the rain...

I am blissfully happy. The morning is slightly overcast, in the way that makes me want to curl up infront of the woodstove and read all day. The kind that made my silly ponies actually come into the barn (usually they stay out in the rain). Rather than letting the day be gloomy, I have decided that it's just quiet. I like that.

My two boys are the greatest blessing I have ever been given, aside from but equal to the love of my husband, but sometimes the constant chatter gets to me. Is that true for you too?

I know, what good Mom says they are tired of listening to the sound of their kids- real ones!

I was watching the series Oprah's Lifeclass Tour. It's pretty profound. I am a firm believer that God, or the universe, or whatever you choose to call it (I call it God), lightly whispers in your ear, or taps you on the shoulder, from time to time. You can choose to listen or not to listen. My point is, I could have changed the channel, but I didn't. Lots of profound work there- but one quote stuck with me:

Life doesn't happen TO you,
It happens FOR you.

Just another reminder for me to be thankful and grateful for everything I have. I could lament about the fact that my should and wrist hurt from painting, but instead I am thankful that I have a house to paint, and arms and hands that allow me to paint.

There was great insight about scripting- about not labeling yourself and falling into that trap.
There was a great conversation about loss. For instance, like many of you, I had a miscarriage. So, rather than be sad about the baby that I didn't have, I can choose to be happy for the experience of being pregnant with that child and the happiness it brought- no matter how brief. See?

What do you have to re-think in your life?

So, today, I am choosing to be grateful:

Thank you God, for the rain that waters our plants,
for the arm that hurts, because at least it is a working arm,
for my children, who are messy and loud, but healthy as horses.

How about you?


Gigi said...

The noise and the chatter gets to every mom every now and again. If they say it doesn't then they are either lying or on something.

I try to be grateful. But some days are harder than others when you don't see an end in sight.

But today, today I am grateful for you - for reminding me of this.

Terri Kahrs said...

Two weeks ago one of my boys took me out to dinner - I wanted a burger and fries. The place was filled with Moms yelling at kids, Dads who were ticked off at Moms and kids who were busy being kids. My son apologized because it "wasn't the quiet dinner" he'd planned. I smiled and told him that it was awesome to "see and hear life around me". Some day you'll look back and it won't be the yelling, etc. you'll remember. It'll be the happy times and the smiles!!! It all goes SO quickly! Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for the "every day" things! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo